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LibrePlan-Enterprise Website goes live

lpe, Jeroen Baten
April 2020 — 558 views

Incorporation of the LibrePlan-Enterprise B.V.

lpe, Jeroen Baten
April 2020 — 554 views

The new (and improved!) LibrePlan-Enterprise goes live!

lpe, Jeroen Baten
April 2020 — 536 views

Start migration of LibrePlan-Enterprise website

lpe, Jeroen Baten
November 2019 — 501 views

We thank Carsten Schuman for al his recent hard work

lpe, Jeroen Baten
October 2019 — 544 views

LibrePlan source adapted for JDK11

lpe, Jeroen Baten
August 2019 — 565 views

Don't believe us. Read what users are saying!

lpe, Jeroen Baten
June 2018 — 561 views

Finished Project "Cleanup"

lpe, Jeroen Baten
April 2018 — 492 views

Progress project "Cleanup". Migrated twiki to GitHub wiki

lpe, Jeroen Baten
March 2018 — 519 views

Project "Cleanup", release 1.4.2.

lpe, Jeroen Baten
February 2018 — 544 views

Merry Christmas, and a new subscription service

lpe, Jeroen Baten
December 2016 — 473 views

Recordnumber of Docker container deployments

lpe, Jeroen Baten
June 2016 — 528 views

LibrePlan adds Issue and Risklog features to its excellent project planner

lpe, Jeroen Baten
April 2016 — 486 views

We welcome new developer Bogdan to the team

lpe, Jeroen Baten
April 2016 — 547 views

Meeting with translator of French version of LibrePlan book Philippe Poumaroux

lpe, Jeroen Baten
March 2016 — 479 views

Come see the upcoming new features of LibrePlan

lpe, Jeroen Baten
November 2015 — 433 views

Philippe Poumaroux starts translating "LibrePlan, the missing manual" to the French language.

lpe, Jeroen Baten
October 2015 — 497 views

We welcome Bjørn Vos to the LibrePlan as LibrePlan Global Sales Manager

lpe, Jeroen Baten
September 2015 — 507 views

We welcome new developer Misha to the team

lpe, Jeroen Baten
September 2015 — 541 views

New developer Vova welcome to the team.

lpe, Jeroen Baten
August 2015 — 487 views

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