LibrePlan Features

Explore the rich features to make your work easier

Project Features

Define activities and estimate work

Manage multiple projects at the same time

See a Gantt view per project or all of your projects

Put projects in different stages (aquisition, production, delivery)

Create project templates to quickly start a new project

Resource Features

Allocate resources: people and machines (they are different)

See who is allocated and how much of their time

Allocate a resource by its criteria. Allocate one of the programmers/plumbers and let the program pick the one most available

Define criteria to attach to resources

Define a start- or end-date on a criteria (for people who have to be certified)

Enter vacation/leave/sick time on resources to manage their availability

Alocate resources per the hour in advanced allocation perspective

Time and Material Features

Use timesheets to get insight how much time has been spend on work. What resource, what project, what task

Monitor budget and costs, per task and per project

Use qualityforms to control quality of work done

Watch Screenshots

Calendar Features

Define master calendars or calendars derived from other calendars

Enter information into resource calendars

Report Features

Find valuable information on every project’s dashboard page.

Print valuable information to report to others

Calculation Features

See overall resource allocations

See earned value and other indicators per project per day

Run a Monte-Carlo simulation to project probable completion day of project

Communication Features

Exchange and subcontract work and tasks to other companies/branchoffices using LibrePlan

As a subcontractor report production progress and delivery estimates

Define what email messages you want to receive per user or user profile