L‚ÄčibrePlan Enterprise

Professional Project Management Software


"To help you see what people do and when they do it."

LibrePlan gives you insight in your projects, the resourceload , project progress and lot's more.

You need a certain level of experience to appreciate a good Project Management tool like LibrePlan. So go ahead and find out. When you want to talk, we'll still be here.

LibrePlan is the collaborative tool to plan, monitor and control projects. It has a rich web interface which provides a familiar and desktop-like user experience.

All team members take part in a project and this gives project managers a real-time planning overview.

But in most cases you need to manage more than one project at a time, with resources that participate in several projects. You need insight in time, material and budget spending. You want to see who is or is not available.

That's what LibrePlan does for you.

Choose your edition

LibrePlan is available in several editions. Choose the version that suits your needs.

On-premise Enterprise grade stability and support


Enterprise grade stability and support in the cloud


Manage your projects the professional way

Hit deadlines and finish your projects on time

Manage the materials you need in your projects

Assign available workers to one or multiple projects

Track work time and integrate it in project planning