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On the website of Capterra it is possible to leave reviews of applications. I just would like to share some of those reviews with you:

  1. Pros: 
    Everything you need for a project is include on Libreplan, forget about expensive licenses, in this software you will find a great interphase to work and to be communicated with your coworkers, you can also has options to manage calendars, gantt charts, milestones and mores, everything you need is on Libreplan and for free. Cons: 
    Unfortunately most of the people do not know anything about this software and they still depend of the tools of projects from Microsoft that is very expensive nowadays.
  2. Pros:
    The possibility to use an app on the internet that allows you to work with projects in a collaborative way, without paying for it, this is a tool that everyone who works in project can use without any limitation. This software has everything you need, you can make schedules, set activities, set calendar, personal and all the administration processes that you need for make a successful project.
    Comments (Benefits)This requires time to do a great job and people serious and engage with project, if you have this two issues complete you will be sure that your project will be a great success, but if you cannot handle people you can wasting your time using this tool.
  3. Pros
    This app include all the elements that you need to do a successful project: a task creator, calendar, milestones, collaboration task, a great interphase, and an enormous set of tutorials from other user for you to get the most of this app. 
    Unfortunately the use of this software is not very spread between professionals most of the prefer MS Project, but I think that this software is even better than the Microsoft one.

Project "Cleanup", release 1.4.2.