Incorporation of the LibrePlan-Enterprise B.V.

To legally facilitate the sale and distribution of software on a world-wide scale, you need the legal structure to do so.

For the last 6 years, LibrePlan was supported by a small company. When starting a business in the Netherlands, most people decide to set up a 'sole proprietorship', or in Dutch an eenmanszaak. This worked fine for the first couple of years. But with a lot of LibrePlan clients in the  fortune 500 companies  list something had to change.

That is why on January 22nd 2020 the LibePlan Enterprise B.V. was incorporated. A  "B.V." is a Dutch legal entity in the form of a 'private limited company', or in Dutch a besloten vennootschap (BV). More on what a B.V. exactly is can be found on the Dutch goverment website.

 If you like to know more about all possible business structures you can find more information here.

LibrePlan-Enterprise Website goes live