Merry Christmas, and a new subscription service

We would like to extend a warm christmas wish to all users of LibrePlan, all over the world. And the same of course to all people who are not yet using LibrePlan for their project management work. May 2017 bring you all a lot of happines.

In 2017 we will also add a subscription service to our offerings.
As you all know Libreplan Enterprise delivers support, training and development to customers worldwide.
Starting from January 1st 2017 a new distribution model will be added: subscription based usage.

Although we will continue to publish patch-releases for the LibrePlan 1.4 branch, all future branches will only be available to customers who have a subscription. The advantages for customers with a subscription are:

  • Our amazing support channel.
  • A personal login to download all branches and editions of LibrePlan.
  • Access to all the features developed since the 1.4 branch. For example:
  • Email notifications like when a task is due.
  • Issue and Risklog management.
  • Global projects pipeline.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Every customer gets a say on the features developed in LibrePlan.
  • Discount on all training packages.

The subscription on all editions of the LibrePlan software, pre-build for several platforms will also be added to the Silver SLA plan without raising the price. All our customers with a Silver SLA plan will receive the subscription automatically, so this is a good time to think about signing up.
All customers who sign up for a subscription before December 31st get a discount of €250 on the 2017 subscription fee! This one time offer ends at midnight on December 31st. Invoicing will start from the moment that 1.5 becomes available.

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